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This blog is currently dedicated to help Denko. I'm currently stuck with the phase2true passwords though.

However I will take on any questions or hints requests about the previous riddles. Except for test 5 which I can't really see the connection. But I'll try my best to guide you to the answers without revealing much of the password itself.

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I'm gonna save Denko
test 6 hints
Since several ppl has passed test 6. I’m gonna post the test 6 hint here for u guys.

Ok first let’s take a look at the riddle.

She favors its scent
Bees will hover the flowers
I am within you
Right, let’s focus on the reason why “bees hovering the flowers”. Why do bees hovering the flowers? Because they like the colors and can feed off of the pollen/necter? We’ll go with “she favors its scent”. And think of the similarities between them. There are several similarities though, good luck with going the right way :D