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This blog is currently dedicated to help Denko. I'm currently stuck with the phase2true passwords though.

However I will take on any questions or hints requests about the previous riddles. Except for test 5 which I can't really see the connection. But I'll try my best to guide you to the answers without revealing much of the password itself.

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I'm gonna save Denko

helpdenko is put inside a password, and all the phase2test## is removed… I think it’s pretty much an end for helpdenko tag…

OP is a girl… I knew it!!

OP is a girl… I knew it!!

warning to all those who are trying to crack Phase2True

The password is not correct. Even when u solve all 6 tests and unscrambled the 6 letters, the words u got is not the password. I even tried all 6-letter words, as well as all the words that are made of 6 letters of the 6 tests, regardless of meaning, and they are not password, unless it’s case-sensitive.

So test 6 is the last riddle u can solve.

suddenly Mayuri in Steins;Gate is OP

suddenly Mayuri in Steins;Gate is OP

Excuse me, I just found out about helpdenko. If it's alright with you, can you please help me out a little with phase 2 test 4?(the one with the trees). Even with all of the hints in the tag, I'm still to dumb to get it. Thank you.

is that the Moon without its stars thing?

ok first look at the moon, u see it’s surrounded by stars, twinkle twinkle little stars.

then let’s take a look at the ocean, it’s filled with waves, small waves, big waves, tsunamis,…

however, this haiku said that the moon is now without its stars, and the ocean is without its waves. Wat happened here? Did the moon do something so that the stars hate him? The stars abandoned the moon, cut all the friendships or even relationships with the moon, and look at it as it doesn’t exist.

the answer is the action of the stars to the moon.

still no news on the phase2true…

Sorry to bother you but I just want to start the HelpDenko game and I can't even get in. I see the hanging girl and I assume I hit 'Phase 1' and then it asks for a password. Is the poem about her my hint? Is there something I'm missing? I just learned about it today and I'd like to jump in but I am thoroughly confused. Oh, and nice background.

Ok the phase 1 entry hints are not anywhere on the site… they are posted on the helpdenko hint site ( though it’s not organized…

These are the hints for phase 1:
Phase 1:
Clue 1:
A moon changes face
Smiling, whole, and then frowning
Shining blissfully
Clue 2:
My thought is for one
An idea for many
Memories for none
Clue 3:
A moons fall from grace
Birds that can no longer fly
Gone; how does one hide?
hint for above
-Choices aren’t always right and neither is “direction”

there are more hints reblogged on my blog, just click on the phase1 entry hint on the left side of the blog.


today is best friend day

happy best friend day

Haven’t got inside phase2true yet :/

wonder when will it be updated…

Hey, I'd like to be part of the skype group. Do we have to be all caught up? I'm attempting to get the password from test 6. My skype is jay_shay

not really, apart from me and another girl who is currently having problems with Skype, all of us haven’t passed test 6 yet.